Embellishing Clothing

Embellishing clothing should not be your first embroidery projects. However, when you feel you’ve achieved a certain level of expertise, go for it.

Here is a recent project of mine. I took a purchased jacket that was plain. I put flowers on the front side and a tree on the back. I did the flowers freehand without drawing them on.

On the back, I put a tree design with curly cues in it. I started with a stock design, but it didn’t transfer well…so I couldn’t see the lines. It was a darker fabric, which absorbs the color of the transfer pen. I had some general idea how the tree was supposed to look, so I simply created what I thought was on that design. I’d say it was the further embellishments that make the designs on this jacket stand out.

On the front side, I put colorful gems in the middle of the flowers. On the back side I put many gems of different sizes and colors. People call the tree, the tree of life. I think just about any tree design could be called that.

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