Connie D. Dunn began crafting as a child. At her mother’s knees, she learned to hand-piece a quilt, embroidery, and sew many different things, including doll clothes.

“By the time I was nine years old, I could embroidery a ‘tea towel,’ as my mom called kitchen towels. They were linen and worked well for embroidery, but not so much for drying dishes. I quickly learned that terry cloth works better for drying dishes.”

Connie always enjoyed doing any sort of crafts from paint-by-number to cutting quilt pieces from sandpaper patterns. Now, she teaches others. From tie dying to embroidery, there are few crafts that she doesn’t dabble in. However, her favorite topic is hand embroidery. She’s embellished clothing and created framed art. Some of her mixed media art has contained a bit of artful cutting, sewing, embellishing with embroidery, beads, and sparkly gems. See post Embellishing Clothing.