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This site contains items that are all handmade from fabric, yarn, and other items. I consider myself a Fiber Artist, but often many other things find their way into my creations. I suppose that makes them multi-media, but I’ll let you decide!  Here are some of my creations.

Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbies

These are great for scrubbing pots and pans or fine china dishes. The thread is naturally stiff enough to get any stuck-on food. When you are done, throw it in the wash! You don’t throw it away like you do most scrubbing sponges.

Sponges tend to mold and collect bacteria or viruses, but don’t always exhibit the need for tossing. Therefore, you are spreading that on anything you touch with them. With Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbies, you simply wash it and reuse it! They also dry quicker than sponges making them less vulnerable to developing mold, viruses, or bacteria. Changing them out often, also limits the opportunity, as well.

Live GREEN! Using products that can be re-used keeps them out of our landfills. Connie’s Scrubby Dubbies are part of the new movement to limit household trash.  A package of three Connie’s Scrubby Dubbies, sell for $10.

Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbie Dubs

Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbie Dubs are better than loufas or net balls, because they are reuseable. They have just enough scrubbing action to help exfoliate and can be used on your face, as well. People with sensitive skin should probably test it out before using on the face. Use them and toss them in the washer.

Mold, viruses, and bacteria can develop on that favorite loufa or net ball. However, you cannot wash either successfully! Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbie Dubs are part of the new movement to limit household trash. A package of three Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbie Dubs

This is another GREEN product, meant to keep throw-away products out of our landfills. A package of three Connie’s Scrubbie Dubbie Dubs. A package of four sells for $10.

Crocheted Glass, Bottle, & Can Cozies

Crocheted Glass, Bottle, & Can Cozies will keep your hands dry and not cold. They work year-round.  If you have conditions that make your hands susceptible to cold, these Crocheted Glass, Bottle, & Can Cozies will help keep hands warm.

If you are in the habit of wrapping your beverage in a paper towel, then the Crocheted Glass, Bottle & Can Cozies will eliminate trash from your household. The Cozies can be washed. Most of all, you don’t get hand wet or cold from your cold beverages. The Cozies do not work on cups due to the handle. A package of three sells for $10.


Want to learn to embroidery or buy a special piece. That’s possible! Since this is customized to fit your needs, call Connie to discuss what you need. Phone: 508-446-1711 or Email: connie2dunn@gmail.com


Handmade puppets are ready for any performance. They come with synthetic wigs or yarn hair. Each one has its own personality. These are big-mouth puppets similar to the Muppets. However, these puppets are made out of fleece and stuffing rather than foam.

Pictures coming!